Is it expensive? 

How valuable is your data?  What is it worth to you to be back up and running within 2 -3 hours?  No, it is not expensive.





Will backup automatically resume if a client computer goes to sleep or loses network connectivity? 

Yes. ClassicPRO is designed to resume backup when a computer goes to sleep or loses network c onnectivity





Can users restore their own data? 

Yes. Users can restore their own data from the PRO Client desktop or from a web page.





Can I back up open files? 

 Yes. On Windows, CrashPlan PRO uses Microsoft's Volume Shadow Copy Service to back up open files.





Can users restore someone else's data? 

No. Users cannot see or restore data from any other user account.






Can you access my server? 

No. There are no back doors into your server.





What type of encryption does ClassicPro use? 

ClassicPro uses 448-bit Blowfish to encrypt your files.

Blowfish is an encryption algorithm.  448-bit is the length of the key. The longer the key, the harder it is to decrypt data. Online banking uses 128-bit keys so we're much stronger than online banking.

Put simply, if someone ever got a hold of your backup archive, you wouldn't need to worry about it. They would need your password and encryption key to decrypt your data. The methods we use to encrypt your data are superior to those used in online banking and most businesses.





How do I get help? 

Our support team is happy to help if you can't find the answer you're looking for on the support site. You can email us at

Including the following information in your support email will help us resolve your issue faster:

·          Detailed description of the question or problem

·          Operating system and version of relevant system(s)