Here is how it works...


a)  Install it,


b)  Log into the system with User Name and Password,


c)  Choose what files you want included in the backup,


d)  Run the masterbackup (one-time),


e)  Select how often you want the changed and new data saved (defaults every 15 minutes).


If you need to Restore a file you:


a)  Login,


b)  Select Restore,


c)  Select which file,


d)  Select version (date/time),


e)  Choose where you want it restored too.


  No more switching disks, tapes, or cartridges.


  No more waiting for backups to finish.


  No more shuttling backups to and from someone's home.


  System sends you an email confirming a successful backup.


  Backup can include your servers, workstations, and laptops.


  Your backup data is stored in a secure Login / Password protected "Server Vault".


   Your data is encrypted and compressed before being sent.


  Your data is checked and verified against corruption as it is stored.


  You control what is backed up and how often.


  Your data is stored by date in unlimited "layered" copies.


  Layered data can be restored back to whatever date is needed.


  From "crash" to "back up and running" takes an average of 2 - 3 hours.